Gulf of Poets

Crystal clear sea, ancient villages perched on the cliffs, pastel colors, a lush and aromatic vegetation and plenty of relax: the charm of the Gulf of La Spezia has enchanted poets, writers and international artists.
Were kidnapped from the beauty and the tranquillity of these places some famous characters of the literature as Shelley, Byron, Petrarca and Montale. It’s thanks to them, and to other artists that lived here, that this bay is known as the Gulf of Poets.

The area includes all the localities, the beaches, the islands located between the promontories of Lerici, east, and Portovenere, west. In the middle of the gulf, protected by currents and winds, there is La Spezia, a city of ancient origins and one of the most important tourist and commercial ports of the region.

The shoreline of the Gulf of Poets is an endless alternation of small bays, beaches and cliffs. To better appreciate the beauty of the gulf you can take advantage of a boat trip off the shore. From the sea you’ll can admire the skyline of the picturesque villages of the gulf, with their castles and churches overlooking the sea: San Terenzo, Tellaro, Fezzano.
The Gulf of Poets is located in the final part of the Ligurian Coast at the border with Tuscany and, leaving from Marina di Massa, you can easily reach it in just 30 minutes.