Excursion to the Regional Park of the Apuan Alps

The Regional Park of the Apuan Alps is a large green area covering the whole province of Massa Carrara and part of the Garfagnana.
This reserve, included in the list of UNESCO Geoparks, includes a wide variety of habitats including lakes, snow-capped peaks, the marble quarries and caves. The incredible biodiversity of the park makes it a very charming place to take walks, go horseback riding or mountain biking.

Possible routes are almost infinite: the Italian Alpine Club reports a hundred trails to face by foot all reported on maps and with evident signs at every junction.
But there are also many mule tracks and dirt roads suitable for cycling and horseback riding.

Enjoy the nature of the Regional Park of the Apuan Alps it is a unique opportunity to fully appreciate the territory of Massa Carrara, a strip of land that runs from the mountains to the beaches in just a few kilometers. From many panoramic spots of the park it is possible to see the wonderful blue expanse of the sea.

During the excursions can also happen to come across the traces of some bear, wolf or deer and even spot golden eagles, swallow, partridge. The purpose of the park is just to protect plant and animal species that inhabit its territory.