The flavors of Colonnata and the marble quarries

Colonnata is perhaps the most characteristic locality of Carrara, located just 15 km from Marina di Massa, it is surrounded by the marble quarries and the white peaks of the Apuan Alps.
The village, populated by a few hundred people, appears to have been founded by the Romans who were the first slaves to be employed in the activity of marble extraction. In Colonnata is in fact one of the largest marble basins in the area, still in operation.

Not yet contaminated by mass tourism, instead of the nearby coastal area, Colonnata is a real jewel of the Apuan Alps which offers magnificent landscapes on the marble quarries and on the mountains.
In addition to mining, the village is also famous for a very special delicacy: the Lard of Colonnata. Literally proceeds from the pork fat, the lard is matured for a long, covered with salt, spices and herbs, in special marble basins called “conche”. This process gives it a fragrant aroma, while the flavor is delicate and fresh.

Once this product was intended to support the workers of the quarries operating at nearly 2,000 meters of height in need of a hearty and energetic meal.
Today the Lard of Colonnata was recognized as PDO and is served in every restaurant of the village accompanied by bruschetta, crostini and excellent local wine.